Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Day 31 - The waiting house

A bonus poem at the end of Napowrimo.

The house
sits down amidst the pouring rain
stooped under its gutters
hankering down
to wait.

And while
the splashing drops proceed to fall
it feels its humans all
impatient for
its end.

They pace
from one room to another. Loud.
It feels their steps beat out
within its walls
and floors.

The door
could use a brand new lick of paint
it stretches in the rain.
to wear.

But house
knows this will pass
and it will green its grass
and clear the roof of all its mess.
Just so.

It gets
that it will dress
in all its summer clothes,
and stretch itself amidst the lawn


  1. well done,
    a challenge that you have completed, thanks.

  2. powerful post.


    please ahre a poem with us today, read others and get feedback from our supporters as well.

    best regards.