Tuesday, 8 May 2012

NaPoWriMo 2012 Contents

In April 2012 I took part in NaPoWriMo. A challenge where you write a poem every day throughout April. These are the results.
Day 1-The Flute
Day 2-The World Today in Triolet
Day 3-Squashed Oaths
Day 4-Dont Panic
Day 5-Mock Interview
Day 6-Bean
Day 7-House Mouse
Day 8-The Note
Day 9-The Human Gods Lament
Day 10-Air to Air
Day 11-Sonnet of Conversation
Day 12-Mondegreen and Homophone
Day 13-Limericks
Day 14 The Cunning Plan
Day 15-Summer Daze in Ice
Day 16-The Phantom Pantoum
Day 17-Music Alarm
Day 18 Paeon of People
Day 19-Off road
Day-20-Excited Sun
Day-21-Secrets Uncovered
Day-22-Over River
Day-24-Twenty Pound Question
Day-25-Tree Oak Lock
Day-26-Train Times
Day-27-Round the Houses
Day-28-The Pot
Day-29-The Best Laid Plan
Day 30-Ballad of Many
Day 31-Waiting House

This was to raise money for the following charities. If you do like the poems feel free to donate to any of them.
National Autistic Society
National Literacy Trust

I received quite good publicity with an article in the Huffington Post and in Delilah's Blog

The keen eyed would notice there are more poems here than days in April. I wrote the bonus poem as a birthday request.

Also feel free to put any comments by the poems and let me know which ones you like best.


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