Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Day 17 - Music Alarm

Throw a spanner,
watch it fly,
in the blinking
of an eye,
to the middle of what's being, currently by people spoken.

Let good music,
woes destroy.
If heard live
it's bottled joy.
And the floating sounds they're singing, they're from life a gift, a token.

So you sit there
raptly spun.
Your mind basking
in their sun.
When a fire alarm starts ringing and with that the magic's broken.

People bustle.
Things they gather,
as they reach for
their umbrella.
Make their way out from the singing and there's nare an ill word spoken.

Now you're outside
in the rain.
Still it lingers,
the refrain,
that the band were playing singing, sung before the spell was broken.

So when spanners
in the gear,
throw you off
from what you'll hear,
dont feel down by spanners flinging, if you're of a sudden soaken.

For the mem'ry
of that song'll,
linger on
the whole year long.
And you'll still recall the singing, for it was from life a token.

Thanks to LH for the phrase 'bottled joy' and DKO for 'watch it [a spanner] fly' and to my building for having a fire alarm test today.

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