Monday, 16 April 2012

Day 16 - The Phantom Pantoum

Deep inside a dreadful forest,
 where the angels hid their breathing.
There once stood a house immodest.
 They who made it left it screaming.

Where the angels hide their breathing,
 there's a creature made in error.
Those who made it left it screaming
 and their lives are full of terror.

There's a creature made in error,
 who regrets that they existed,
and their life was full of terror,
 for of spirit they consisted.

Who regrets that they existed,
 like that phantom crafted whole?
For of spirit they consisted.
 They were once somebody's soul.

And that phantom crafted whole,
 still remembers its old body.
They were once somebody's soul,
 and they talked to everybody.    

It remembers its old body,
 and the fragrant summer mornings
and will 'talk' to everybody
 who now fails to heed the warnings.

So one fateful summer morning.
 came a traveller through the clearing.
And they failed to heed the warning
 of no angel breaths in hearing.

Comes the traveller through the clearing.
 They should stop before the gate.
For no angel breaths they're hearing
 and the creature lies in wait.

They should stop before the gate,
 where once stood the house immodest.
For the creature lies in wait,
 deep inside that dreadful forest.

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