Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Day 10 - Air to Air

Its crisp today the air is ripe
with possibilities.
The fragments of my thoughts bounce off
the flowers and the trees,
which rustle in the faint path of
a subtle summer breeze.
And all this freshness is enough
to set my mind at ease.

The light contains a quality
that frames the open land.
And you can see for miles around
depending where you stand.
So match the clouds with landmarks found
below them underhand.
The character of your home town
it moves like flowing sand.

The people passing by each day,
upon some quest they know.
Their minds full of the potent mix
of happiness and woe.
Anxiety and confidence
swim in each other's tow.
But little of this turbulence,
does on the surface show.

See like a duck we hide from view
the flurry underneath.
And of the questions in our mind
few make it past the teeth.
Though to our friends we often do
our inner thoughts bequeath.
But sometimes from our very selves
we hide the air we breathe.

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