Thursday, 5 April 2012

Day 5 - Mock Interview

"Well don't just stand there come on in"
The clear clean voice calls out.
"Now let us see, where to begin."
You slide into the couch.

"I have here all your details,
and I've never seen the like.
You claim to've written Moby Dick,
designed the folding bike,
and when Mandela spoke once freed,
you held the bloomin' mike."

"Now I'm as easy going
As the next one, folks tell me.
I give the benefit of doubt
to everyone I see.
But can't see how you did all that
and still be twenty three."

"Well that's straightforward" you retort,
"it's now time to come clean.
I used all my timekeeping skills,
to build a time machine.
And went on an amazing trip,
to prove that I was keen."

"I used my own initiative,
to change the fate mankind.
And with team building skills I'd learnt,
I changed a nation's mind
against three wars. But now I'm back.
A steady job to find."

"I see. Well that makes sense I guess.
You come across quite well.
But in this corner of your form
you've erred in how you spell,
'liaison'. And we have strict rules
for spelling, can't you tell."

"And though you've done impressive acts
this job for Fulham council,
had twenty thousand applicants,
and nineteen thousand still."

But you don't give up easily
"That's quite a lot it's true.
For nineteen thousand folk to meet,
I'll tell you what to do.
Why don't you hire me today
to run their interview?"

"You have a point, these interviews,
six months have taken me.
At this rate I will not be done,
'till Twenty Twenty Three.
So you can take my job right now,
and I at last am free."

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