Friday, 20 April 2012

Day 20 - Excited Sun.

Here I spin in a minor outer arm
protected by my court of planets
who dance eternally.

I make fresh atoms daily
that the universe buys off me
at a good rate.

Mainly Helium with some Carbon,
Nitrogen, Oxygen and Beryllium.

It does interesting things with the Carbon.

I won't get to make the really exciting stuff until the end. The heavy atoms like Iron and Gold and Vanadium. Ooh Vanadium. I see the bits of them floating around that the older ones have already made. They got there faster. Not long for me now - just a few billion years.

They heavy atoms make it more interesting and some have settled on my dancers.

I let off  a solar flare

There's this thing going on at one of the planets. It's moving too quickly for me to see.

But then.
I know something is happening.
I can see the colours
on the surface

Such beautiful patterns it makes. Its green and blue now, but there used to be more red.

And ooh.
It's getting faster,
I can't make it out.
It looks like little things are buzzing around just around the planet,
they weren't there a second ago.
Oh wow that's amazing, one has just got to the moon.
How's it doing that? That planet is brilliant.
Its sending off the little bits way out now.
They are their own dancers and one's got out beyond all the other dancers.
They're so tiny and cute.
Send one my way. Go on.

I ask the other stars but none of them have heard of anything like this before.
They're very excited too. They'll ask further out. We'll get a reply back eventually.

Awesome! That's made the dance even better.

But what's happening now?
It's changing again.
I .... 

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