Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Day 4 - DONT PANIC!!

Don't panic if the Government starts saying "must buy petrol,
cos' service stations running dry have very high potential"
It makes the situation worse and really 'aint essential.

Don't panic if the things you want aren't happening just yet.
Life takes its own meandering path and nothing's ever set.
So stop and smell the roses now. Good things one day you'll get. 

Don't panic if a ghost you see inside an ancient building,
and you've just read a scary book about a reaper yielding.
They've just popped by to catch the breeze, no weapons are they wielding.

Don't panic when you tell someone for first time that you love 'em.
Instead just speak coherently. Don't throw the words above 'em.
Don't give yourself a hard time if the way you cannot fathom.

Don't panic used by one who hiked to see our world from space,
Who put a new perspective on this harmless human race.
Well mostly, so the story goes. Just keep your towel in place. 

Don't panic if the sun don't set. You're likely in the Arctic.
Unless you've gone the seven thousand miles down to Antarctic.
And don't panic if you can't find another word to rhyme.


  1. Nice poem, as is the triolet one. Are the don't panic/towel bits references to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?

  2. Thanks Ian. They might be about that, I couldn't possible say :-)