Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 29 - The best laid plan

In the desert lies a town. All the folk live underground,
as its far too hot to be out in the day.
For two hundred miles around not another soul is found
and the food supplies are brought from far away.

Now the reason why they're there in the arid dessert air,
is to mine the opals scattered in the sand.
And they ration with great care not a drop of water spare,
in that dry and empty unforgiving land.

For this reason they were chosen to embark unto the frozen,
vast and unmapped lonely gulfs of outer space.
As they left this planet's ozone to the asteroid belt supposin',
they thought of the faces left at their old place.

They were sent to build a mine for that gold and silver fine.
Suited perfect for the trip so goes the tale.
Now this mission had been planned down to every pin in hand.
There was no way that this mining quest could fail.

Though they rationed water fine they were liberal with their wine,
and it turned out there was none in the supplies.
So they turned the ship around and returned to solid ground.
And you couldn't get them back up to the skies.

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