Saturday, 14 April 2012

Day 14 - The cunning plan

They said  if she spoke of this it d'be treason.
But she could not stand by with all the horror that she'd learnt.
And now they'd given her another reason.
By stealing all her papers and then having them all burnt.

This weapon she had worked on without knowing.
It was the greatest terror that the world had ever known.
Ten scientists on different parts were sowing
the seeds of great injustice from a concept not their own.

You might be wise to ask how they were harnessed.
How minds intelligent could be misguided and misled?
The parts when looked at separately were harmless.
Behind them all though, lurked a plan the world would come to dread.

The portion she developed was genetic.
For seven years she worked on how our genes controlled the mind.
Ostensibly to make us less frenetic.
But her funding had provisos not to publish what she'd find.

The funding was the key to how this happened.
As long as those who worked on it were kept from each apart.
So none were free to say what they deciphered.
While the nanotechs, the neuros and the bios played their part.

See, you don't have to kill your foe to beat them.
If you can make them like you they will not stand in your way.
And with your voters, it would help you lead them,
if they did not keep questioning each every word you say.

So find a way to calm the population.
And spread this out to everyone as quickly as you can.
And you would have a very happy nation.
As long as you don't tell them of your foolproof cunning plan.

But you can't keep them in the dark forever.
She'd glimpsed the work of colleagues, nanobots to alter genes.
And she began to piece it all together.
The nanobots distributed by health promoting teams.

Unwisely the first thing she did was tell them.
They threatened her career, her home, her finances, her life.
They offered her a fortune great to join 'em.
So she pretended wisely that against them she won't strive.

But now the time had come to blow the whistle.
The consequence to her no longer held her in constraint.
The world needed to know with all the gristle,
the plan to spike its chocolate so it lived without complaint.

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