Thursday, 26 April 2012

Day 26 - Train Times

There's a spot upon a platform
that is covered in mosaics.
If you stand there you can listen
to a busker far away.

If you want to hear the music
that comes pouring through the grating
of the walkway high above you
you must wait for trains to leave.

But the trains come every minute
and the rolling and the chatter
drowns the clear acoustic music
that reverbs around the walls.

As you stand there contemplating,
you think no-one else is listening
to the music as they're rushing
to their urgent destinations.

And you wonder what might happen
if they took the time to notice
that the walls contain mosaics
which the music helps you see.

But the  tourists pay attention
for  they're looking for the first time.
And they show us weary locals
How to look at
what we look at
every day.

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