Saturday, 21 April 2012

Day 21 - Secrets Uncovered

An engine coughs and splutters in the distance.
And somewhere from a hanger talk is heard.
The second door she tries gives no  resistance,
but she ignores it moving to the third.

This one is painted blue and has a warning,
that those inside are not to be disturbed.
Above it is a red and white striped awning,
that looks quite out of place, almost absurd.

It's locked. But that to her is not a problem,
the skills that she's acquired serve her true.
When she breaks into rooms it's not to rob them,
it's only if she needs to find a clue.

She bends to pick the lock just for a second,
and suddenly and silently she's through.
The scene that she surveys aint as she reckoned,
a barber's chair is freshly painted. Blue!

Around the mirror pictures hung portraying
air men and women with flamboyant hair.
Perms, crew cuts, mullets, beehives, all outplaying
each other in their bid to make you stare.

Off to one side a mohawked man stares wildly.
She picks his picture up with extra care.
The hairstyle's rather blue to put it mildly.
It matches with the door and with the chair.

She'd read about the story in the paper.
of how her local airfield was in debt.
And this was what had led her on this caper,
for something did not fit as it was meant.

She knew that if she were to solve the riddle
of where this tiny airport's money went.
She'd have to draw a line right throught the middle,
and find out where the money had been spent.

The only painted door led to this barber.
Why was it needed in a field so small?
What other telltale secrets could it harbour?
And ... What is that thing glinting on the wall?

Behind the mohawked picture was a lever.
She pulled it without thinking much at all.
The wall moved back, her eyes did not deceive her,
below, a secret hanger, ten floors tall.

Inside the cavern stood the most amazing
thing, in her life, she had ever seen.
A giant spaceship with its bay doors raising.
and coloured blue. Just like a movie scene.

In fact that was exactly where she'd stumbled.
The making of a Sci-Fi film unseen.
Secret cinematography she'd rumbled,
whose cast and crew now stared at her not keen.

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