Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Day 24 - The Twenty Pound Question

I'm standing in line with three items in hand.
Just waiting to pay, with but little time.
I've got to get back with poems to write,
and there's work to be done, so there isn't much slack.

While paying by card I quickly decide,
as my wallet is empty I'll get some cash back.
The clerk is distracted and talking to someone,
when I ask for thirty, well,  she gives me fifty.
And I'm standing there looking at it in my hand.
She's looking away and she's closed up the till.

There's nothing to stop me from walking away,
but I get her attention and point out the error.
She's smiles and is grateful and I head out the shop.

But as I walk out my mind starts to think,
what caused me to give back the money I'd got?
What was the process that made me do that,
Is it something I thought or is it something innate?
Did I do it because it might make me feel good,
or that the store may not miss it but she'd get the blame?
Or was it because it was what I thought ought?

And what if tomorrow it happened again?
And then for the next seven days, what then?
And the fact that I'm writing about it right now,
am I thinking too hard, well what does that say?

I could go round in circles I could worry all day.
But for all that I let my thoughts wiggle around,
on a day when I couldn't find something to say,
this poem came out of that scene that was played.
And to me that's got to be worth twenty pound.

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