Monday, 30 April 2012

Day 30 - The ballad of many

When her Olympic tickets came,
after a twelve month gap,
she found her baby's not allowed
to sit upon her lap.

And so she wrote a stern reply
with strongly worded tone.
That at the time of ticket sale,
said baby was not known.

And lo behold they changed their tune
conceding she was right.
And what this incident has shown
is pens still have their might.

Another at a toy shop grand
had found the floors divided,
on some idea of gender lines.
It felt a bit one sided.

The boys' toys were all action men
the girls had pretty dolls.
It was quite limiting that these
were predetermined roles.

And so she launched a pronged campaign
with notes to press and stores.
Then got a call to hear the shop
had rearranged their floors.

To dance upon a raging bull
with studied balanced stance.
Your voice is heard a hundred times
from many throats at once.

So use your pen as you see fit
it really has a force.
To change this world a little bit
and that's a lot of course.


  1. Fantastic
    Andrew Roberts

  2. I wonder where you got the ideas for this poem from?!


  3. Following on from this poem this just in

    Think I'll send the poem to Seb. Or maybe he's already read it.
    More of an explanation here