Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 14 - Later this year

Underneath the curtained kitchen window,
which frames an autumn scene of painted browns,
rests a picture on the laden table,
of once a summer's day with party crowns.

By and by a cough breaks up the silence,
expecting a reply to fill the air.
Wanting paper lowered just a smidgeon,
acknowledge that another person's there.

Lack of movement drives the other spare now.
so grabbing paper border gives a pull.
Sullen are the eyes that do appear now,
demanding cordial talks should start in full.

"Hey", the first word of the day will echo
down Kitchen, hall and back to float above.
"Was reading that", the next words follow quickly
and then some more, "what do you want you my love?"

Words that bring fleet smiles to sulky eyes those.
Until the thought that bothers them returns.
"Mum ...", a pause, to wonder if to finish
the question that upon that mind still burns.

They talked of it before, how education,
may not be easy in these tricky times.
If she wanted she could go to Uni,
but it would mean for them a sacrifice.

Whether it was really what she wanted.
It was, it really was, more than they knew.
But then to be a burden on her parents,
was not something she felt that she could do.

There upon the table she decided
that was where she really ought to be.
She would stake her claim for seeking knowledge
But oh! Instead she let the question flee.

"Mum. I'm off to shops" was what she said then,
and felt her heart twist to itself betray.
"anything you need just let me know",
the pivot point which moves her path away.

Briefly seeing sands of life a shifting.
The pain is much more than can be withstood.
Heretofore she'd kept it bottled tightly.
Now turns around and says "I think I should..."

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