Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day 19 - Let them dance

When thoughts are dancing, let them dance,
sit back, enjoy the show.
Don't hem them in or crowd them out,
or else they'll quickly flee.

Don't stay too long though in a trance
of watching notions flow,
or soon you'll find you're left without
a sense of urgency.

For we have merely but one chance
upon this world to know
just what it means to be about,
so take it eagerly.

And though there's times for quick advance,
there's benefit in slow,
and getting places roundabout
can give you more to see.

It sometimes helps to read things twice,
or thrice if you're alone,
for you could find new things in two,
and whole new tales in three.

Now swimming wild is rather nice,
to all let it be known.
All up and done is shades of blue
except for nearby tree.

And whither wonder you in ice,
in woods or desert stone,
just trust your feet to carry you
to where you wish to be.

But lastly don't take my advice,
go off and find your own,
and if you find it works for you,
then tell it back to me.

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