Thursday, 21 April 2011

Day 21 - Thinking

The sun's last rays were breaking through
the trees transformed to dapples.
The sky above had turned deep blue,
against which hung green apples.

Upon a bench under one tree
a man sat calmly waiting
and on events most recent he
was sat pontificating.

It started just a week ago,
his wife had sat him down
and told him things he did not know.
At which point she left town.

Then when he went to work that day
his boss of twenty year
said he had something hard to say
and now his desk was clear.

The strangest thing that happened was
his dog died as it slept.
And this was very strange because
no dog he'd ever kept.

And come to think of it that way,
when had he actually wed?
He must have had a wedding day
where vows and things were said.

But none of these came to his mind.
Plus what work had he done
while toiling on the daily grind?
No thought appeared not one.

An apple landed at that pass
and woke him from his thinking.
"That fruit it falls due to its mass"
his great mind started linking.

1 comment:

  1. "and this was very strange because"

    a small nod here to Lewis Carrol
    "and this was odd because it was"
    from the Walrus and the Carpenter