Saturday, 16 April 2011

Day 16 - Looking back

The long summer was dragging on,
it was a novelty at first
but now that October was nearing,
the fallout from the sticky thirst,
was searing people's nerves.

Editors argued with writers and proofreaders,
about widespread movie cuts they sought to make.
The argument spilled out into the street,
as people looked on to take
a fleeting picture or two.
Others found the dance of the phoenix.

The beat of life should make you think.
Watching Bohemians argue in pubs,
waiting in line not to see what you sought,
worldly female voices can be heard.
While vigilantes roam in saris pink,
you cycle to the angel dance.

A white van full of hopes.
A Green wedding with folks, from long ago and new.
While jokers seek to banish want,
we seek to grow champagne
on England's southern slopes.

The domino movement.
Books on South America, North Africa ,
vampires and detectives,
can be found in London bars.
Walk home.
What's needed is a party.
A party moved by snow.
That'll do the trick.

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