Sunday, 24 April 2011

Day 24 - Desert Train, Part 3

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Outside the station groups were being herded
while yellow sweaters went about their way.
And oh! The tall green beings stood majestic,
and shimmered in the bright clear light of day.
She spotted one a small way off the others,
and walked to it while thinking what to say.

"Oh Guide" it said "my friend is ill and needs you".
This statement fairly caught her by surprise.
she followed it to friend around the corner.
"Please take her to the Nest. Please be her eyes."
The friend had shrunk and started turning orange.
Now there was much she had to analyse.

"I've just got in, remind me where the Nest is."
"Why its the tallest building here around."
"Of course" she said and saw it in the distance,
and started leading them across the ground.
The aliens it seemed had meagre vision,
relied on sweatered humans to be found.

She took a breath, "so tell me of your birthplace."
The being bought its bulb shaped head in line.
"We come from here. You ought to know that really."
She tried to think of what to say in time
"Oh no, I meant where you yourself had come from."
"Ah!.. Yes. I formed in chamber forty nine."

And while these many facts her mind was churning,
arrived they at the entrance to the Nest.
Here at a desk a purple sweatered man sat.
Green being said. "My friend has come to rest".
"Go through to D-wing. Yellow what's your number?"
and at her pause the man was not impressed.

"Err, forty nine" she said and stopped her breathing.
"Ah, Billy... You are new... Go on inside"
So entering now their secret inner sanctum,
and walking vaulted halls three side by side,
green being turned to her and softly stated,
"I don't think that you really are a Guide."

to be concluded ...

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