Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day 30 - Day Light



Cold light creeps
Slow formed shapes
Bring to mind
World outside

Covers rumpled
Light fills the room
Thoughts fill the brain
Body moves up

Filthy glasses cleaned
Lends the world focus
Take a look outside
Watch the world emerge

Sunbeams want to make friends
With all the things they find
To hand out shape and hue
To all the things around

In the spangled morning light
Stands a row of chimney pots
that are planted now with bulbs
to bring flowers to the air

And the tiny windmill windows
send the light back from the sunshine
As the streams and rivers circle
Round the town as it awakens

Sunlight floods the streets and houses red
Bloodens walls and clears the shadows off
As the folk rise from their slumbers deep
And the plants drink in their chance to grow

In brilliant lighting the city is poised
The stillness  is merely a lull before all
The people emerge from their brightened homes
Blink just a second to steady their eyes

Set off on the journey that's threading their day
The sunlight has caused all that's hid to appear
A tightrope supports them above a great height
And daylight is sparkling on everything near

As people put one foot in front of the other
With brightly lit minds their attention is focused
For the deeds of the day that they wish to perform
The world to the sun ever eastward is turning

The spinning that won't stop for any rhyme or reason
Keeps the light  that's creeping in on a regular beat
That shows the city full to all it's coloured splendour
In the midst of which the people live their own lives

The birds in flight throw shadow shapes across the pavement ground
Which follow one another's form in patterns of delight
They're their to catch the moment of the fleeting light of day
To dance the air fantastic in displays of swooping wings

You observe the world around you as it swiftly changes hue
To begin another day that's full of radiance and light
As the corners of the shadows slowly move across the square
They give clues to let you know this planet earth will always spin

Awimbawé the people say as they awake to start the day
The sun will shine onto the ground and fill the spaces all around
And all the sounds and all the sights stand contrasted by birds in flights
The golden reds the purple blues and all that city's varied hues

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