Monday, 25 April 2011

Day 25 - Desert Train , Part 4

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"You're right" she said "I'm something else entirely,
"I've come to see what I could learn from you,
"for years I studied aliens in abstract,
"Though you're not one, you're from this earth so blue.
"But quick, we need to get your friend to safety
"she's shrinking fast and turning redder hue".

And so they picked her up and started running,
"I'm glad you've now told me the truth" it said.
"My name is Paul, I'll help you find your answers,
"as you help me." And down those halls they sped.
They came at last to D-Wing's gate and entered
a giant room with vats of liquid red.

"The free one on the left, let's place her gently"
And as they put her in she looked around.
Arrayed in vats the creatures' bodies floated.
In various states of growth they could be found.
"Her brain we must preserve intact" Paul stated,
"her body will grow back again quite sound."

"This room is where we're formed and made and mended,
"and where we're punished if we've misbehaved.
"Our bodies are a joke, our minds are human,
"and into this great farce we've been enslaved.
"I was a Paris barman ere they took me,
"and in the tank this is my wife we've saved."

"The tourists keep the project nicely funded,
"our voice decoders round them are controlled.
"For ten long years we've walked as gene-spliced monsters.
"While In A-wing our bodies are stored cold
"And all of it's the work of one mad scientist.
"The landing was a lie the world was sold."

"I can help you all back to your bodies."
"I know the science. Rush outside with me."
And when she found the tourists she addressed them
told them the story whole, eloquently.
Then leading them they stormed the bio-centre
and Paul, his wife, the others, they set free.

The end

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