Monday, 18 April 2011

Day 18 - The incredible changing thing

A piece of grit is caught up in an eye
then falls upon a speckled stony ground.
Here, feeling grander friends it starts to grow,
inspired by these larger friends its found,
it yearns to be a pebble by and by.

But then it finds it does not grow the same,
unlike the pebbles it is partly eye,
which scans the world to understand its way,
it looks around and then looks at the sky,
Up there it sees a bird enter the frame.

Now turning to the eye it starts to dive
then grabs it in its mighty taloned grip,
and heading past the western ocean shore,
it opts to drop it on a passing ship,
but eye decides it wants to stay alive.

Eye finds out something quick within a blink,
that as a bird it doesn't have to fall,
instead can fly above the choppy sea,
and over land where it now sees it all.
but on its changing form it starts to think.

Above this island it sees all it needs,
and bird now heads towards a tree to nest.
It feels a warning in its stony feathers,
a storm is heading in from the north west,
but till it comes its thoughts are planting seeds.

What is it then if it can morph its form,
to any passing object it can find?
Today it's just Bird Eye Stone Piece of Grit,
Would this tomorrow all be left behind,
as it turns into Island Tree Nest Storm?

It can't quite get its brain to thus configure,
and so it spreads its wings and starts to sing,
about the time when it was merely grit.
And now what next? The world's a massive thing,
but then the universe is even bigger.


  1. very clever Ath. Mind boggolinging into grit eye bird. Fab

  2. INCREDIBLE indeed. Will it continue to transform incredibly, or just the grit being so incredible. Sonal