Saturday, 23 April 2011

Day 23 - Desert Train, Part 2

Part 1 is here

Flo learnt her trade way back in Arecibo
acclaimed exobiologist of note.
she'd studied language, rocks, cells, stars  and planets
and many lauded papers had she wrote.
But in the past she'd only worked on theory,
till now all aliens had remained remote.

When Flo had read about the famous landing,
she felt a flutter in her heart so true.
She could not pass up such a chance to witness
that which her life so far had pointed to.
A certain contact had returned a favour
and now she was a florist known as Sue.

There were so many questions left unanswered.
From which star in the galaxy they came?
How could they photosynthesise sans moisture?
How many genders? Were they all the same?
She heard a rumour that they procreated
with one inside the other's hollow frame.

She had no plan yet how to make enquiry.
Perhaps she won't find anything, she feared.
For now the train was hurtling through the city
and to the vaulted station it had neared.
She sat in awe of all the splendid buildings,
but then on train she spotted something weird.

A lot of people wore the same gold sweater
and didn't seem to be quite so impressed.
Were they connected with the tall green beings?
She had a mind to put this to the test.
So as the tourists left she boldly stopped one,
and asked him why they matched in how they dressed?

He raised an eyebrow at this blatant question
and asked if she could wait a minute more.
Once they had gone he gripped her arm quite tightly,
and so she punched him hard upon the jaw.
Out cold he fell and under seats she pushed him.
Then leaving train his yellow top she wore.

to be continued...

Part 3 is here

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