Friday, 15 April 2011

Day 15 - Sea monsters

Let's take a pause to see where we are heading
before we fall headlong over the edge.
In your aft cabin you have nice soft bedding
while down below we've nothing but a ledge.
And we've heard tell of many fearsome creatures,
who'll eat a sailor whole with their sharp features.
So turn around to safety we beseach yas,
and we'll not breathe a word of this no more.
The crew are restless, though they're able seamen,
they hold great fear for what they have no ken
and long to see their loved ones once again.
So turn around to England we implore.
Now you may have this itch to boldly go,
but there are some things we're not meant to know.

Will you get back to work and stop your whine?
There's nothing out there that could poss'bly harm 'em.
And get the crew to stop wasting my time.
I've no idea what's happened to alarm 'em.
They knew their duties when they signed aboard.
Your arguments are really rather flawed.
These pointless questions I cannot afford.
Are these complaints designed to make me laugh?
If this were longboat you could well be right,
while heading off into the darkest night,
sea misted evil monsters can cause fright.
We serve tho, on a bloomin' hovercraft!
We only cross The Channel down to France.
And all you do is serve drinks while folk dance.

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