Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 4 - Future Noir

The phone rings twice then stops
and all is silent after.
The air'd been filled before
with free and easy laughter.

The looks across the room
held many nuanced feelings,
but mainly one of fear
about some guilty dealings.

A hand is slowly raised
and twitches curtains slightly.
The waiting car outside
should not be taken lightly.

"Is there another door?
'Nother route to run away?
What if we tried the stairs
leading from the window bay?"

And under moonlit skies,
racing down that metal stair,
three figures scarcely glimpsed
as they take leave from their lair.

Down to the street below.
Melting in behind the bins.
They pause to catch their breath
as they're hunted for their sins.

They take another breath
and then make off down the street.
Each clutching something wrapped,
which could lose them freedom sweet.

Their exit swiftly made,
bought them small but precious time.
They know that footsteps soon
will be falling close behind.

But if they could just make,
a red doorway two blocks down,
They would have safely reached
a safe haven just for now.

But there blocking their way 
a lone figure draped in black.
A Watcher from the Corps
with a Scanner on their back.

But as they stand and watch,
huddled in the shopway door.
The Watcher gets a call
and heads off towards the mall.

The way suddenly clear,
they waste no time in thought.
They head on to their goal,
rebel hideout that they sought.

The door was opened swift
after a secret knocking.
Into the darkness walked,
behind they heard relocking.

And down a secret path
to a vast and spacious hall.
The heart of their revolt
held books from wall to wall!

Looking at the future,
in a world where books were banned,
it was librarians
who had chose to make a stand.

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