Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day 29 - Art Crime

Outside the city stood a giant statue made from gold
Though some art thieves carried it away to be resold.
They knew an art collector whose few morals were quite loose,
and in his private garden the gold statue came to roost.
He had a dozen other pieces that he called his own,
so he was rather choosy who he let into his home.
He did not want to lose his Turner, Rothko or Van Gogh,
but he would jump at any chance he had to show them off.

There was a new art student whom he wanted to impress,
but unbeknownst to him she was a lady of the press.
To find the choicest stories she was often undercover,
disguised as trainee dentist or punk rocker or grandmother.

And here she was engaged in finding out who stole fine art
she knew the golden statue was still in the city heart.
She had enrolled a month before, an art course filling fast.
Then let her classmates think she'd had a tangled troubled past.

She mentioned crime she mentioned jail she mentioned marriage failed,
and let these rumours float about, in art circles they sailed.
She found herself invited to all sorts of art filled shows
and soon she talked with dealers mixed up in god only knows.

So when she got the invite she accepted it at once.
He was the one she felt could form the most nefarious plans.
She set her secret cam'ra in the buckle of her purse
and set out in the morning for better or for worse.

His house when she arrived was of a most amazing size,
and of the grandeur stored inside she scarce believed her eyes.
She saw amazing pieces that she knew from news reports
and took a dozen  pictures used for evidence in courts.

His downfall was predictable he spent the years in jail,
and she went on to own his house. But that's another tale.


  1. overlapped tale.

    one way or another, life moves on,
    bless all living beings.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to Moms in your family,
    Make a contribution to US today,
    You Rock!
    Love your poetry.

  3. Yes I would like to also read
    the other tale.