Friday, 22 April 2011

Day 22 - Desert Train, Part 1

A silver train stood gleaming in the desert,
crammed full of faces waiting eagerly.
They'd paid a fortune for their precious tickets
which would the greatest wonder let them see.
The engines roared and train lurched into motion,
while tourists cheered as loudly as can be.

What was the sight that they were off to visit?
A place so far from many people's eye.
A city never built by hands of humans.
The city where the aliens go by.
They landed ten years back and asked to stay please,
politely, somewhere most completely dry.

Their upright frame was as a tube and hollow,
thin legs of sorts from their round  base had sprung
In place of arms they had antennaed feelers.
Their bulb shaped head served as external lung.
The chlorophyll inside their cells shone greenly.
And belted tools translated while they sung.

The governments said they would have to think first.
Weigh up the pros and cons of such a deed.
They seemed a peaceful bunch with much to offer,
but were they hiding something foul indeed?
By then public opinion was united,
and to these creatures staying they agreed.

And what a choice for they built such a city,
right in the midst of the Saharan Plane.
With towers tall and vaulted made from sandstone,
and architectural features none the twain.
And here they lived in peaceful coexistence,
with some occasional tourists from the Train.

As part of the agreement of the city,
no scientists or linguists were allowed.
They didn't want to be somebody's study.
They were an ancient species strong and proud.
So she had lied to get a priceless ticket,
and sat now on that train amidst the crowd.

to be continued...

Part 2 is here

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