Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Day 26 - The City

A sea of green floods through the rooftops
while rows of empty windowed eyes are set high in factory walls
The glass skin of once new shopping malls is cracked

The city is abandoned
The movement that you see across the street is probably just a fox
All else is stilness

And your mind creates the ghosts of those who lived here
just to have something to hold onto
to give meaning by filling the once grand buildings with nonexistant forms

But everyone who comes here sees them
darting in and around the corners of their eyes
carrying suitcases across the street only to dissapear on the other side

A family here sat in the park
A tour group there taking photos
Mass hysteria its called by those who come to see

Some say the ghosts are why the city was left
but others that the ghosts came after to fill in the gaps
Either way they're just in your mind

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